Help Villard Inc. to start 3D printed sculpture business.
I’ve been a successful 3D sculptor, and I established a digital sculpting company called Villard Inc.

Creating 3D creatures has been always my passion. I have gained my fame through 3D sculpting, and here is my portfolio page.

I have been getting many requests to make and sell sculptures of my artwork, and this lead me to be interested in getting into a 3D printed sculpture field. In order to do so, I need to set up an online store and produce sculptures.

This is where I need your help. I already have my 3D sculpted creatures, a company that can set up the site, and a manufacture to mass produce 3D printed sculptures. Now, all I need is funds.

I really believe that I can succeed in this business, and I assure you to bring high quality and truly unique sculptures. Any donations would be appreciated and thank you for your support.